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Fuel hikes affect prices of maize in Odumasi

A visit by GhanaWeb to the Odumasi Maize Markets reveals an upward increment in their prices from GHC150 per bag last year to GhC220 this year, an increment of GHC70 per bag.

The chairman of Odumasi Maize Market Association, Mr John Obiri Anane attributes the sharp increase in prices to the cost of transporting the maize from the various farming communities to the market.

He adds that the establishment of more poultry farms in and around the municipality and the demand for the maize by buyers from Niger and Burkina Faso contributed to the price hikes.

He has appealed to government to come to their aid in providing them with storage facilities and shelves to keep their produce in a more hygienic condition.

Mr Obiri Anane indicated that working on the maize in the rainy seasons are very difficult as members have no place to dry the maize and store them but to keep them on the pavement.

Members of the association expressed concern on poor sanitation at the markets and called for the construction of toilet facilities. Some of the members advocated for soft loans from the government to assist them in their businesses to create more employment opportunities for the youth

Sunyani West District with Odumasi as its capital was one of the new districts and municipalities created in 2007 by then-President J. A. Kufuor. The Executive Instrument (E.I) created 27 new districts, 4 municipalities and upgraded 26 existing districts and 2 existing municipalities.

Odumasi is largely a farming community that is known for its cultivation and marketing of maize on a large scale all year round. There are two designated markets solely for this maize business in Odumasi.

The residents of Odumasi and its environs take advantage of the ready market to engage in maize farming activities throughout the year. Odumasi is one of the leading producers of maize in the Bono Region.

The quality of the maize attracts maize buyers from other countries such as Niger and Burkina Faso as well as buyers from Accra and Kumasi.

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