Agro-Commodity Supply

Our operations are literally focused  on moving commodities from point A to B. We source, we store, we haul, you receive.We source from local  farmers throughout the country either via local aggregators or the Ghana Commodity Exchange.We  partner with key players on value chain to ensure commodities are sourced, handled and  delivered efficiently, reliably and responsibly anywhere the world. We support our network of local farmers with improved farming practices and certified storage conditions. Our trained aggregators and partners endeavour to maintain or increase quality on every level of our supply chain.

By doing so, we ensure that our customers quality and specifications needs are met.


Commodity Brokerage

At Traderex we offer our clients all available channels for buying and selling commodities. As registered brokers on the Ghana Commodity Exchange one way we fulfil our clients requests is by executing their buy or sell orders at the Ghana Commodity Exchange. Clients have the option of trading any of various commodities on the Exchange. 

Market Information

With market information we believe anybody can trade with conviction as we do here are Traderex. We provide market information on pricing and commodities to guide our clients as they maneuver the commodities market.